The Snowball Fight!

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Wow! Today in Mathematics we had a snowball fight! Miss McIntyre had a tub of snowballs (paper of course) that had numbers in the teens hidden inside. We all grabbed a couple of snowballs each and took aim at Miss McIntyre who stood in the middle of the circle. It was the best throwing snowballs at her.

After our snowball fight was over we each grabbed a snowball and took it back at our table to find the hidden number. Once we found our teen number we practised writing it and showing it on tens frames. We have been learning that teen numbers start with a one and that they are made up of one group of ten and some extra ones.

We wish we could throw snowballs at Miss McIntyre every day! Miss McIntyre wasn’t so sure about that!












Beauty and Beast with Alpha Shows

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We were so excited this morning to go and see the Beauty and the Beast Show. We loved all the cool new music they used and all the great costumes! The actors and actresses were all very funny and we laughed almost the whole time! We learnt a lot about values and the power of being kind and not judging a book by its cover. As well as being resilient when things aren’t going to plan and persisting to see the job through.
After the show we answered some questions as a class and Miss McIntyre wrote them down for us.

Q1. What was the funniest part of the Alpha Show, Beauty and the Beast?
– When Gaston walked up to Miss McIntyre and wanted her to touch his big muscles (Ava)
– When Gaston was shaking his bottom (Cailin)
– When the candle man danced and lit up the candles (Georgina)
– When Gaston called the audience silly names (Oliver)

Q2. What did you like best about the Alpha Show, Beauty and the Beast?
– When we did high fives at the end with the cast (Taylor)
– When they fell in love (Isabella W)
– I loved Belle’s dress (Ruby)
– When I saw the Beast, because I like Beasts (Jack)
– When Belle wore her dress (Scarlett)
– When Gaston kept throwing Jiggins in the air (William)

Q3. Why do you think that Belle didn’t like the Beast in the beginning?
– Because he was being rude (Edward)
– Because he was shouting at Belle (Jet)
– He was being mean to Belle’s Dad (Seamus)

Q4. What happened that made Belle start to like the Beast and fall in love with him?
– The Beast started to be nice and kind and caring (Taylor)
– The Beast started being different (Ava)

Q5. Gaston was a bit of a bully! What happened to Gaston in the end because he was not nice?
– He got locked in the dungeon (Jacob)
– He didn’t get to marry Belle (Edward)

Q6. Who was your favourite character and why?
– The dog because he wagged his bottom (Mitchell)
– Gaston, because he got locked in the dungeon and that was funny (Sam)
– Belle, because she looked so pretty and she acted nice (Isabella G)





































Seesaw – Learning Journal App

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SeeSaw – Learning Journal App
You might have noticed an email in your inbox from me regarding the seesaw learning journal app. This app allows students to post pictures of their own work or to demonstrate their learning immediately on the app itself and upload it to their own personal digital portfolio.

I have set each student up with their own portfolio. To access their portfolio and upload work students use the CLASS seesaw – learning journal app to scan our class login QR code – which can be found HERE in order to login.

Once a student has logged in they can take a picture, upload a picture or complete their work on the app and simply upload it to their portfolio by selecting their name from the list. Everything that is added requires my approval before it is uploaded to their portfolio to be viewed. You can only view your own child’s portfolio by signing up through the email I have sent you. Once you have signed up I will receive an email to approve that you are the child’s parent and once I select approve you will be able to view and receive notifications every time your child uploads a piece of work.

Please feel free to upload any writing your child may complete during the holidays about what they have been up to – you might even like to get them to use the record voice option and read their writing to make it that extra bit multimodal (we have been working on this in class). It would be great to read about everyone’s exciting activities and holiday adventures!

Don’t forget that there is a parent version and class version of the app. Students use the class version to upload their work and parents use the parent version to view students work. You are able to like your students work as well as add a comment for them to read. I have already added something on behalf of students for you to test it out and see how it all works.

This is something we will be working on next term and hopefully it is something that students will take ownership of.

Thanks and enjoy the holidays!

Miss McIntyre πŸ™‚

Toy Making

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Today we used our plan to guide our construction of a moving toy! We had lots of recycled materials and toy parts that we could use to make our toys. We worked very hard and persisted in making toys that moved. Once we had finished we completed a gallery walk of all the toys that had been made by us. We all commented how fantastic they looked and gave each other positive feedback.
A BIG THANK YOU to all of the parents that stayed to help us construct our toys. We are very thankful that we had patient helpers who were happy to help cut, stick and possibly get covered in glue.

Check out our building process and the final results πŸ™‚

Books, books. Glorious Books!

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Hi everyone,

Miss McIntyre has a BIG favour to ask πŸ™‚ I am seeking parent helpers for tomorrow morning who are able to sort the dot coloured books in Prep A & B’s adjoining classroom library prior to the toy making getting underway.

The books decided they would test out their flying skills this evening and as such are in need of a good sort. We also have a tub of books in the book doctor box who are in need of some tender loving care so that they can find their way back to their respective homes.

If you are able to assist in any way your help would be much appreciated by both Mrs Morcombe and myself! πŸ™‚


Miss Mc

Dream Big – Design a Toy

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Mrs Morcombe was driving home last night when she heard a great ad on the radio! A competition for children to design their very own toy. Mrs Morcombe told Miss McIntyre about the competition and they thought it would be a great way to end our persuasive writing and toy units.

You can find the details of the competition here
and the T’S&C’S here

First of all we had to visualise an exciting toy that we would LOVE to be made for us. Secondly, we drew our toy design and then thought about all of the reasons why the company should make OUR toy. We put our creative thinking caps on and came up with some very exciting and promising ideas.

Miss McIntyre told us that it was up to our parents to decide whether they wish to enter our drawings in to the competition. We had lots of fun using what we had learnt to help us design a toy and try and persuade someone to make it for us!

Here are some of our awesome ideas!





Ricky Resilience Performance

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This term we have been learning how to be resilient in You Can Do It. This is one of the most important keys as if you are resilient you are also most likely to be a confident, persistent and an organised person who is able to get along with others.

We have been learning how to be just like Ricky Resilience and the strategies we can use to help calm ourselves down and find solutions to our problems. We have been learning Ricky’s song this term which we performed at assembly last Friday! Take a look at our groovy Ricky headbands and cool singing. We hope you learnt strategies so that you can do it too!





Lego Excursion

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Hooley Dooley! What an exciting day!

Our day today began with a very exciting bus trip into the city to docklands. We were super excited when we saw all of the very tall buildings. When we arrived at docklands we found our way into the Lego Education Centre.

Our first activity explored the way gears, levers and pulleys are used to make moving toys. We got to create 3 very exciting toys – a jack in the box, a spinning top and a spinning wheel. We worked very well with our partner to create our toys, so well in fact that we had spare time at the end to create our very own toy using a range of Lego materials.

For our second activity we had to make a house that was strong enough to stop the big bad wolf from getting one of the little pigs. We were learning about overlapping and the techniques needed to make a strong house. We worked as a team to build a house. Two teams were able to stop the big bad wolf from getting in!

For our final activity we were learning about animals and the different kinds of habitats that they live in. We had to construct their habitats using Lego. We also had the chance to use life-size Lego blocks to create a creature or animals with.

We had a really fun day and learnt lots about constructing toys. We would like send out a big thank you to the helpers for helping to make the day run smoothly.

Check out all the pictures Miss McIntyre took – she went a bit crazy on the camera!

Education Week

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On Wednesday afternoon we celebrated Education Week by buddying up with the grade 4’s to explore coding.

The grade 4’s brought their iPad’s and helped us to code an Angry Birds game. The grade 4’s were extremely helpful and the activity was very engaging. We had fun telling the angry bird what to do using codes and found coding our first ever game very fun!

You can find the website here