The Snowball Fight!

Wow! Today in Mathematics we had a snowball fight! Miss McIntyre had a tub of snowballs (paper of course) that had numbers in the teens hidden inside. We all grabbed a couple of snowballs each and took aim at Miss McIntyre who stood in the middle of the circle. It was the best throwing snowballs at her.

After our snowball fight was over we each grabbed a snowball and took it back at our table to find the hidden number. Once we found our teen number we practised writing it and showing it on tens frames. We have been learning that teen numbers start with a one and that they are made up of one group of ten and some extra ones.

We wish we could throw snowballs at Miss McIntyre every day! Miss McIntyre wasn’t so sure about that!












3 thoughts on “The Snowball Fight!

  1. “Wow this looks fun, I really enjoyed the pictures and hopefully I will come back tomorrow as I’m nearly better, I’ve been sick at home all week with Tonsillitis πŸ™ Love Maggie”

  2. Hi Maggie,
    we have missed you! we hope to see you tomorrow and that you are feeling better! Miss McIntyre saved the snowballs in case she decides we can throw them at her again! haha!
    Love prep B

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