Seesaw – Learning Journal App

SeeSaw – Learning Journal App
You might have noticed an email in your inbox from me regarding the seesaw learning journal app. This app allows students to post pictures of their own work or to demonstrate their learning immediately on the app itself and upload it to their own personal digital portfolio.

I have set each student up with their own portfolio. To access their portfolio and upload work students use the CLASS seesaw – learning journal app to scan our class login QR code – which can be found HERE in order to login.

Once a student has logged in they can take a picture, upload a picture or complete their work on the app and simply upload it to their portfolio by selecting their name from the list. Everything that is added requires my approval before it is uploaded to their portfolio to be viewed. You can only view your own child’s portfolio by signing up through the email I have sent you. Once you have signed up I will receive an email to approve that you are the child’s parent and once I select approve you will be able to view and receive notifications every time your child uploads a piece of work.

Please feel free to upload any writing your child may complete during the holidays about what they have been up to – you might even like to get them to use the record voice option and read their writing to make it that extra bit multimodal (we have been working on this in class). It would be great to read about everyone’s exciting activities and holiday adventures!

Don’t forget that there is a parent version and class version of the app. Students use the class version to upload their work and parents use the parent version to view students work. You are able to like your students work as well as add a comment for them to read. I have already added something on behalf of students for you to test it out and see how it all works.

This is something we will be working on next term and hopefully it is something that students will take ownership of.

Thanks and enjoy the holidays!

Miss McIntyre πŸ™‚

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